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Mental Health - OCCS/Zumbro Valley

Goal and Outcome Objective

By December 31, 2016, complete the foundational work necessary to develop a set of mental health strategies for Olmsted County



Develop a framework to improve mental health for all populations

By July 31, 2016, assure the completed framework encompasses current gaps and challenges from prevention to treatment, including:
Improving data collection, dissemination, coordination, and reporting
Promoting positive mental health and resiliency
Enhancing strategies for the prevention and early identification of mental illness
Facilitating access to mental health resources
Addressing premature mortality of people with serious and persistent mental illness
Recognizing unique needs of certain populations such as military veterans, cultural groups, refugees, and jail inmates
Engage existing collaboratives to enhance and connect current and future strategies within the developed framework
By December 31, 2016, identify strategies that align with the framework for the 2017-2019 Community Health Improvement Plan


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