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Partcipation in DEED's Digital Opportunity Plan

1.1.1 | Vision Statement This plan envisions a future where digital equity connects all Minnesota residents to opportunities, options, and each other. 1.1.2 | Goals and Objectives The following list provides a summary of Minnesota’s digital opportunity goals and objectives as proposed in this plan. Further details, including specific strategies and key performance indicators, are spelled out at length in Section 3.0. Goal 1: Connect People to People 1. Minnesota’s digital opportunity advocates and educators statewide are a strong, united group who can lean on each other for fresh ideas, new strategies, and consistent support. 2. All Minnesotans have access to a trusted provider of digital skills training, including training that addresses cybersecurity. 3. All Minnesotans have access to a trusted provider of quality technical support. Goal 2: Connect People to Information 1. Minnesotans can access comprehensive data and mapping tools to evaluate digital opportunity in their area as well as statewide. 2. All Minnesota cities, counties, and tribes have the opportunity to create localized data-driven digital opportunity plans to support their residents and tribal members. 3. All city, county, and tribal government units have the opportunity to re-design their websites so that they are fully accessible to people with disabilities and people with limited English literacy skills. Goal 3: Connect People to Resources 1. All Minnesota households have the option to afford the internet service available at their location. 2. All Minnesota adults have the option to have afford a large-screen device or smartphone, whichever most efficiently helps them access the applications they require. 3. New digital opportunity pathways reach Minnesotans who are at high risk for being digitally excluded.

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Lead Organization: OpenBeam

Contact: Al Lun ; Email: ; Phone: TBD

Known/Likely Collaborators: 125 Live (aka Rochester Senior Center) ; Elder Network ; Family Service Rochester ; IMAA ; Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) ; OpenBeam

Potential Collaborators: Community Mobilization Resource Coalition (CMRC)

Related Projects

Age-Friendly Olmsted County (AFOC) Plan ; BioRochester and MedHub 3.0 ; Building Out Community Mobilization Resources Coalition ; COVID-19 Info Sharing App ; Digital Equity IT ; OpenBeam Activating Technologies Project ; Pathways to Equity


Major Impact:  Technology Enablement

PlanScape Impacts :

Level 1: Aging, CMRC, Diversity and Inclusion, Economic Development, Funding, Health, OpenBeam, Technology Enablement

Level 2: Civic Engagement, Health & Wellness

DMC Impacts:

Community Health Impacts:

Type of Project

Planning, Programming, Featured  



Detailed Description

Draft Plan





Pinned Reports on: Partcipation in DEED's Digital Opportunity Plan

DEED: Digital Opportunity Plan (August 22, 2023)

Presentation Slides; Instructions to submit comments, Draft Digital Opportunity Plan; Public Comment Sessions--Family Service Rochester will be hosting one of the public comment sessions 

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Reports on: Partcipation in DEED's Digital Opportunity Plan

DEED: Digital Opportunity Plan (August 22, 2023)

Presentation Slides; Instructions to submit comments, Draft Digital Opportunity Plan; Public Comment Sessions--Family Service Rochester will be hosting one of the public comment sessions 

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Other Community News and Reports having impacts on:

Aging, CMRC, Diversity and Inclusion, Economic Development, Funding, Health, OpenBeam, Technology Enablement  
April 02, 2024: Free FAFSA Support for Community Based Organizations
Cradle 2 Career (C2C), Rochester Public Schools (RPS), and Arch to Philanthropy are launching a College Coordinator Pilot to provide College Based Organizations (CBOs) resources for College Readiness.

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April 01, 2024: EBE Presentation to City Council Study Session
1. Part of Feb 26, 2024 City Council Study Session on DEI: Presentation Slides include actions and measures to City Council Study Session and Link to City Council video 

2. Career Opportunities for Women of Color

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March 27, 2024: Full-Time Career Navigator: Built Environment Wanted

Application Due April 5, 2024: Workforce Development, Inc. is seeking a friendly and professional Career Navigator to join our team.  

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March 26, 2024: Community Asset Building and Early Literacy Grants
Grant Opportunities: 

Due April 17, 2024 Community Asset Building and Health and Wellness Priorities Grants

Due March 5, 2024 Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation seeking applications for Early Literacy Grants

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March 21, 2024: Requests for Action Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Action Plan

City Council Approved Requests for City Council Approval of two DEI Contracts: 

Contract 1: 2024: Professional Development: Cultural Humility Series $41.3K; 

Contact 2 : Critical Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) Audit ($30K); Cultural Humility Professional Development Series: Digging Deeper $13.5K ;  

Video clip of council discussions and voting and related info about GoodEnough.

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March 20, 2024: NIH Community Engagement Alliance Consultative Resource

We invite community organizations and partners who expressed interest in the Community Partnerships to Advance Science for Society (ComPASS) initiative to participate at no cost in several opportunities hosted by CEACR.

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March 19, 2024: Action Request March 18, 2024
Comment at the 3/18/2024 City Council Meeting:

To act on September 21, 2020 council resolutions for the city staff to develop a Intercultural City action plan.  

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March 13, 2024: DEED Funding Opportunities and Workforce Training Available for Minnesota Employers
Funding Opportunities: DEI for Small Employers, Targeted Populations Capacity Building

Employer subsidies: 1. The state of Minnesota Job Skills Partnership (MJSP) program offers grants to help train or retrain your workforce.; .2. New Minnesota Fund Reimburses Employers for Costs of Reasonable Accommodations

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March 12, 2024: University of Minnesota Rochester at DMC Board November
DMCC Board November 17, 2023 Meeting UMR Update

Presentation Slides

Video Recording

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March 10, 2024: West Transit Village
September DMCC Board Status: NTH to run a developer selection process with Mayo

2024-03-10 Added Video Clip Loop of Sep 2022 DMCC board meeting

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March 04, 2024: City Council: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Updates; Housing; International Relations

DEI Presentation Topics: Language Access and Accessibility; Equity in the Built Environment; 2024 Initiatives

Economic Development Incentives for Housing

Mayor Updates: Black History Month, Luther College: Mutable City; International Relations Committee

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March 04, 2024: Olmsted County Human Rights and Human Services Reorg
Reorganization: Olmsted County announces changes to advisory boards for human services and human rights.

“This new model positions us to better learn from our residents and address community needs.”

Open Beam Comments : Accountability of actions and results


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March 01, 2024: 2024 Targeted Business Enterprise Utilization Plan Reports

1Q 2024:

Feb 2024 - Admin Message, TBE Report

Jan 2024: Admin Message, TBE Report

Special callouts 

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February 24, 2024: 2024 The Year of Respect

Promotion Post Bulletin Wraps 

Actionable Steps

Quotes from BIPOC voices


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